Our board members

Chairman: Johan Rapp, founder, lives in Stockholm, Sweden. Being a distracted person, he saw the need for an assocation early in his life. But he forgot to start one, until one day, he took the bus, the elevator to the 17th floor office and, as he entered, he discovered (with the help of laughing colleagues)that he was holding a plastic garbage bag from home…

Board member:
 Julia Marshall, runs the childrens’ books Gecko Publishing house from her home country New Zealand. She radiates positive energy and is daily involved in distracted situations. For instance, when she visited Pisa to see the leaning tower, she was distracted and missed it.

Board member: Åke Malm, Bangkok. A freelance writer. A tall man who speaks in few words. He can appear very orderly, almost pedantic. But those who know him, soon realize that behind the facade is a truly distracted person.

Board member: Art Max, humoristic former head of the Associated Press in Holland and India. When asked about being a member of the board of this association he may (again) say: “Am I?”

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Our history

It started in Sweden − a country known for its tidiness and organization − with a group of seriously distracted young people who hung out together and realized that they, and others like them, need moral and practical support. Distracted people are constantly jammed in the wheels of organization and have a tough time keeping up with society’s demands of doing many things at the same time at a higher and higher speed. The group got the idea of creating an association for the absent-minded and distracted. It was a great initiative. But they forgot to call members, keep annual meetings and even to register the association. Twenty years later, one of the founders suddenly remembered that he had wanted to start an association for the distracted. He saw that with the Internet, the time was now ripe to unite distracted people all over the world. A board was appointed, a homepage created, etc. Here we are.  

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Our mission

It is very human to be distracted. Our mission is to promote understanding and tolerance for this human trait in our high-paced and structured society and make our lives easier.

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We are
very human

It is very human to be distracted. A consequence is that we forget things and get entangled in complicated and awkward situations. Such as forgetting names and where we parked our car. We may also – inadvertently – take someone’s keys, coat, shoes…

Not everybody appreciates our mishaps. They may accuse us of careless and disrespectful behavior. They don’t understand that distractedness reflects a high level of concentration (on something else).

That’s why we have formed this association, to promote understanding and tolerance for our kind.

It is an association that comes with a smile, of course. But it makes sense, we need a body that defends our rights. :)

Our main meeting point is this website. Here you can read other people’s distracted stories and publish your own. You can shop, get tips that will help you and learn more on research about the distracted brain.

Best is to become a member and get a diploma and a newsletter (3-4 times/year).

We have many good laughs in our organization and enjoy the support of the same of a kind and members have. Check it out.

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