I got a new name

One night when I returned home from the pub with my bicycle, I dropped by the convenient store to get some food.
The next morning, I recalled that I had promised my roommate to lend her my bike. We went out to get it. But it was not where I park it. I had no idea where it was.
Aha! I must have left it by the convenient store. Unlocked in middle of the night: It was surely stolen! Terrible thought. I love my bike. Without much hope, I went to the store and asked if maybe they had seen a white, small-frame, Cannondale mountain bike.
They had!! 🙂 They had even figured out that I was the owner and taken it inside for the night. The store owner, a very tough Russian guy, thought the whole thing was super funny. Since then he calls me “Where-is-the-bike?” when he sees me.
Hi “Where-is-the-bike?”, Welcome “Where-is-the-bike?”…
Tal Gilad