Tip: Sleep at work to reduce the time you search for things

If you spend more time searching for things than you should, say, more than 15 minutes per day, it may be because you sleep too little. Lack of sleep slows down your cognitive abilities. It’s best if you can sleep more and regularly at night, but power naps help – it's been confirmed by NASA tests with sleepy pilots and astronauts. A ten-minute nap provides a two-hour alertness boost. 

Keep it short
Contrary to what you may think, though, long power naps can be counterproductive and make you drowsy, increasing the risk of misplacing and forgetting. So, keep the nap short, no more than 25 minutes.

In the web magazine Health Ambition you can read about how naps create well-being.
NB: 15 minutes of searching/day = 90 hours per year = two work weeks.


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